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Pickleball patter strikes fear into Longboat homeowners

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The stir over the potential patter of Pickleball on Longboat Key has led to the canceling of June 6 Commission hearing in which the Longboat Key Club planned to request four new courts.

The plan is to build the courts adjacent to its Harbourside Tennis Gardens requires the Commission to approve an amendment to the Planned Unit Development plan that governs the Key Club’s property and zoning rights.

Instead of going to the Town Commission, the issue will return to the Town Planning and Zoning Board on June 21 when it will hear once again the proposal.

Last April, the Planning and Zoning Board heard the plan and unanimously recommended to the Town Commission approval.

Since that time, numerous residents of the nearby Winding Oaks community, which is also located behind the gates at Bay Isles, raised objections about Pickleball noise and the intrusion on their peaceful enjoyment.


Notice the error?

Others complained that they had not received adequate public notice of the meeting. The town said the applicant met the town’s 14-day legal requirement.

Last Friday, the Town said residents will receive a notice for the June 6 Commission hearing, which has been cancelled. This notice should be disregarded.

The Town will soon mail new notifications for the rescheduled hearing. The earliest the issue could reach the Town Commission for consideration is Sept. 12 and requires two hearings before the Town Commission.

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