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Longboat Key Police activity week of October 15, 2021

Oct. 6
Citizen dispute
8:33 a.m.

Officers were dispatched to Cedar Street in reference to a citizens dispute. Officers arrived and contacted both parties involved. The complainant stated that the neighbor was cutting down a tree on his own property. The complainant said he got mad and said something to the neighbor about the tree. The complainant stated that the neighbor yelled some profane words at him, so he called the police to make a report. The complainant made no further comments. The neighbor stated the same as the complainant. The neighbor stated that he was  minding his own business when he was confronted by the complainant about cutting down a tree on his property. The neighbor made no further comments. Officers noted that no crime had occurred. Nothing further.


Missing person
8:03 p.m.

Officer Tillman responded to the 6900 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a missing woman. Dispatch reported that a lost, disoriented elderly woman was at the location. Sgt. Cooper and Officer Tillman arrived and spoke with the confused woman. The woman who wanted to remain anonymous, stated that she lives on Longboat Key and had become disoriented after walking for five to ten minutes. However, the woman was unsure of an address or phone number of a person they could notify of her whereabouts. After an extensive investigation, officers were able to ascertain some important information which led the officers in locating the woman’s husband. Longboat Key Fire Rescue was called to the scene to evaluate the disoriented woman. The woman was later released to her husband who stated that she has been diagnosed with dementia. Case clear.


Oct. 7
Suspicious person
4:13 p.m.

Officer Ferris responded to Hideaway Bay in reference to a suspicious person. Dispatch advised there was an unknown man knocking on the front door and the homeowner did not recognize the person. As Officer Ferris approached the residence, he could see a man standing at the door. Upon making contact with the man, he introduced himself and explained he was employed by a court service and was attempting to collect medical records. Officer Ferris made contact with the complainant and she advised her parents were not present to help the man with his request. The complainant was scared so she called 911 to have the man leave. The man left without incident. Nothing further.


Oct. 8
Citizen dispute
8:30 a.m.

Officer Martinson responded to the 300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive regarding a civil dispute. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson was met by the complainant outside in the parking lot in front of the condominium. The complainant stated he was the maintenance supervisor for the property and he had a window to replace in his unit but the person inside would not allow him in. He said the owners of the unit were notified about the window replacement on Oct. 6. The complainant stated he needed a police report to document that he was denied access into the unit to replace the window. The complainant was given a business card with a case number. Officer Martinson then went up to the unit and knocked on the door. The person answered the door and stated he was the lawyer for the owners. The lawyer stated the owners are refusing to get the window replaced because the condominium does not have the proper work permits and that the homeowners are responsible for the window if anything happens. The mentioned party stated that he was looked over the permits and one of them is expired and the other only states the window is being replaced but in actuality there is structural work being done around the window frame as well. The lawyer stated the owners will not have any work done inside their unit until there is a proper permit. Case clear.


Welfare check
8:51 p.m.

Officer Nazareno was dispatched to the 6300 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a welfare check call from a caregiver who got a message from the patient at the location that his phone was not working. Prior to arrival, dispatch advised that the caller made contact with the patient and requested to cancel the welfare check.


Oct. 9
Rescue assist
4:55 a.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to the 2100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in regards to a rescue call, the individual needed assistance with getting a ring removed from their finger. Upon Officer Bergeron’s arrival, Fire/Rescue were assisting the subject with the ring issue and did not require any assistace with the ring removal. Case clear.


Boat warning
12:39 p.m.

Officer Kolodzieski while on marine patrol, observed a light green 24 foot center console boat operating at an excessive speed in a Slow Speed Minimum Wake Zone east of Greer Island. Officer Kolodzieski conducted a vessel stop and educated the operator on the regulation. A verbal warning was issued. Case closed.


Noise complaints from land
8:56 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Broadway in regards to a second noise complaint regardinga party, a bar mitzvah. Upon Officer Bergeron’s arrival, the party was wrapping up and the only noise was loud talking subjects saying their goodbyes. Officer Bergeron contacted the complainant via cell phone and advised him of the outcome. While sitting near the residence, the father came out and was angry that Officer Bergeron was there. Officer Bergeron advised him that if a complainant is called in that they are required to respond. Case clear.


Oct. 11
Dog on beach
7:12 p.m.

Sgt. Cooper was dispatched to the beach for a dog on the beach. Upon arrival, Sgt. Cooper made contact with the animal’s owner who was unaware of the town ordinance. He removed his dogs without delay. Nothing further to report at this time. Case closed.


Oct. 13
Citizen dispute
12:15 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to 2200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a report of a disturbance. Upon Officer Nagell’s arrival, he met with the complainant who related that he had purchased 2,400 square feet of used brick on Facebook from the contractor at the location. He continued that he received approximately 1,200 square feet and has been unable to obtain the rest. At the time officers were present the contractor was not available, however, when asked if the complainant had any receipts he advised he did not, he only paid in cash. Officer Nagell advised him that this was a civil matter and should be handled in the courts. He advised that he would try to work it out with the third party contractor and left the area. Officer Nagell provided him with a case number. Case clear.


Oct. 14
Citizen assist
8:00 a.m.

Officer Martinson was dispatched to Rountree Drive on a call of a public service. Remarks in the call stated there was water rising out of a storm drain and it was flooding the street. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson located the source of where the water was coming up out of the ground and contacted public works. Public workers arrived on scene and stated it appears the new transformer pad which was just laid hit a backflow water line. They will be fixing the problem. Case clear.



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