Longboat Key Police activity week of October 29, 2021


Oct. 22

Crosswalk lights broken

11:55 a.m.

Officer Martinson while on patrol was dispatched to the crosswalk to the north of Broadway because the light was not flashing. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson tested the lights at the crosswalk and found that the light along the northbound lane of travel was not working properly. Officer Martinson contacted the Longboat Key Public Works Department and notified them of the problem. Case clear.


Citizen assist

12:08 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to Emerald Harbor Drive for a report of a water main break. Upon his arrival, the homeowner advised that the backflow valve was hit by a member of his family. Officer Nagell notified Public Works Department which responded and turned the water off. The homeowner advised a plumber was in route. Case clear.


Citizen assist

5:29 p.m.

Officer Martinson responded to Harbor Cay Lane in reference to a water line not working. The complainant stated the water was not working at his house. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson met with the complainant who stated that the water had been working at his house all day, but it stopped working in the past 30 minutes. Officer Martinson contacted Longboat Key Public Works and gave them the complainant’s information. A short time later, the complainant called back and said that he was able to get water to start working, Officer Martinson informed Public Works that they could cancel. Case clear.


Traffic hazard

8:03 p.m.

Officer Bergeron responded to Longboat Club Road in regards to a reckless vehicle driving south in the northbound lane of Gulf of Mexico Drive. The complainant advised that they are following the vehicle with their flashers on. Officer Bergeron arrived from Longboat Club Road and Gulf of Mexico Drive as the complainant passed. Officer Bergeron did not observe any vehicle traveling in the north lane or any vehicle operating recklessly. Officer Bergeron followed the complainant over the New Pass Bridge where Sarasota Police Department zone 10 assisted. Officer Bergeron made contact with that officer and he also advised he did not observe any reckless activity. Case closed.


Oct. 24

Citizen assist

11:44 p.m.

Officer Nazareno while conducting a business check at the 400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive, and was advised by one of the employees of the restaurant that the sprinkler system was malfunctioning. Officer Nazareno observed one of the sprinkler heads broken and had a steady stream of water coming from the sprinkler head. Officer Nazareno then requested Longboat Key Fire Department via radio to respond to the scene. Longboat Key Firefighters gained entry and turned off the main valve for the sprinkler system. Sgt. Smith attempted to make contact with the business owner/manager and left a detailed message.


Animal complaint

4:45 p.m.

Officer Connors was dispatched to the 7000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for an anonymous report of an injured raccoon in the middle of the road. Upon arrival, Officer Connors located the deceased raccoon and removed it to the side of the road. Case clear.


Oct. 26

Suspicious incident

4:36 a.m.

Sgt. Cooper responded to Bowsprit Lane for a report of a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, Sgt. Cooper made contact with the complainant who advised that she heard a strange sound coming from her first floor garage area. The area was checked by officers with negative results and no sign of foul play. Nothing further to report, case clear.


Oct. 27

Domestic disturbance

4:01 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to the Police Department and met with the complainant who related that her and the father of her children have had a very long drawn out custody issue. She continued that she wished to turn over her daughter’s cell phone for safe keeping to be returned to her daughter’s father. She continued that she has attempted to return the phone in the past which only exacerbated tensions with the child’s father. Officer Nagell advised her that the phone would be put into property for safekeeping and that the owner (father) could respond and claim it at his discretion. She stated that she is very intimidated with the interactions she has had with him in the past and does not want any further issues. The phone was placed into property with a tag for safekeeping. She advised that she would notify him of the phone’s location and the case number associated with it so that he may recover it. Case clear.


Suspicious vehicle

5:56 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to the 2500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a suspicious vehicle that has been parked under a carport for approximately two weeks. Officer Hodo arrived and made contact with complainant. The complainant stated that she is the manager and there is a vehicle parked under a property carport for a couple of weeks and she has no idea whose vehicle it is. The complainant stated that she called the police to make sure the vehicle was not stolen and to make a report. Officer Hodo noted that the vehicle was not stolen and is registered to a company out of Michigan. No further investigation, case clear.


Suspicious person

6:36 p.m.

Officer Martinson responded to Ranger Lane for a report of a suspicious person. The complainant stated they saw a man carrying a bucket at her home’s front door and then walking around the property via the security camera. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson checkd around the outside of the residence and everything appeared to be secure. Officer Martinson did locate a printed receipt from the Frontline Pest Control attached to the front door handle. Sgt. Puccio was also flagged down by a neighbor who stated they observed the pest control worker on the property. Case clear.


Injured seagull

6:44 p.m.

Officer Martinson responded to Longboat Club Road on a call of an animal complaint. The complainant said there was a seagull stuck in fishing line with a hook through its beak on the beach. Upon arrival, Officer Martinson walked out to the beach and was informed by the caller that another passerby was able to get the fishing line off the bird and the hook out of its beak. Then the bird flew away. Case clear.


Oct. 29


1:52 a.m.

Officer Nazareno responded to Sands Point Road for a report of a small brush fire. Upon arrival, Officer Nazareno observed smoke coming from the ground floor of the parking garage. The fire was contained in the mulched area outside the garage on the beach side of the building. Longboat Key firefighters quickly extinguished the fire. No property damage was report and no one was injured on scene.


Found property

1:15 p.m.

Officer Nagell responded to Bay Isles Parkway for a report of found property. Upon his arrival, Officer Nagell met with the complainant who turned over a dark wallet and advised that it had been in the safe for a day or two and no one returned to claim it. Within the wallet, Officer Nagell found the owner’s name and was able to make contact with him via phone. He was located at a hotel, and Officer Nagell responded and confirmed his identity and turned the wallet over to him. Case clear.




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