Why is Biden’s popularity still lagging?


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Normally, the President of the United States receives a political bounce during periods of a global crisis. So why has President Biden’s popularity continued to drop at a time when Americans typically rally around the flag and our president?

Biden has been steadfast in his actions and tone against Vladimir Putin, and he has worked well with our allies to help ensure a coordinated response. Yes, his actions have frequently been a bit too little, too late, and the statements at times confusing, but there has been a steady array of strong economic and military steps taken by the Administration against Putin. So why has the public not demonstrated support for Biden and the Democrats? As the mid-term elections are just six months away, let’s first explore the polling numbers.

Biden’s approval rating, according to the most recent RealClearPolitics average is 40.4 percent. A Quinnipiac poll released on April 6 reports a 35 percent job approval among registered voters. Independents are particularly fleeing the president as only 27 percent of those voters give him a positive rating. All bad news for Biden and his party facing an antagonistic public while fighting to retain control of the House and Senate in November. The opposition to the administration’s handling of soaring inflation numbers, high gas prices, an out-of-control border, rampant crime, and disastrous handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan, have together torpedoed any meaningful gains for the president.

Inflation is at a 41 year high, wiping out wage gains. The annual inflation rate in the US accelerated to 8.5 percent in March compared with just a year ago. It represents the largest annual increase since December of 1981. Overall, gas, shelter, and food prices are among the largest contributors to the price surge, with the cost of beef alone seeing increases of 16 percent. In March of 2021, the price of gas was $2.89 per gallon. In March of 2022, the average price per gallon was 4.32 per gallon, impacting many Americans’ summer vacation plans. In December of 2021, and prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price was $3.40 per gallon. As this data demonstrates, while some of the gas price hike is due to the Russian invasion, much of the hike lies squarely with the Administration as it has stymied fossil fuel production, cancelled pipelines, and rendered permitting for energy transport practically impossible. Adding to the problem is that oil and gas producers are unwilling to invest their earned capital in further exploration and drilling under an administration that appears increasingly at war with it.

Concurrently, real average hourly earnings decreased 0.8 % in March from the previous month. On an annual basis, real earnings fell 2.7% in March. We’ve now sustained 11 straight months in which inflation has outpaced year-over-year wage growth, resulting in less take home pay.

The Wall Street Journal tracks the inflation trend back to the beginning of the Biden presidency. “The timing reflects too much money chasing too few goods, owing mainly to the combination of vast federal spending and easy monetary policy.” Not surprisingly, and by a more than 3-to-1 margin, voters believe the U.S. economy has gotten worse since Biden took office, and a majority think either he or his Democratic allies in Congress are mostly to blame, according to a recent Rasmussen poll.

The border crisis is yet another serious political problem for Biden, and a direct threat to national security. The number of migrants pouring across the border is simply eye-popping. In Fiscal Year 2021 there were 1.7 million migrant encounters. So far in FY 2022, which began in October, there have already been 838,685 migrant encounters. And it is estimated that there were an additional 220,000 “gotaways”- those who evaded Border Patrol- during that same period. The Administration is preparing to make matters far worse as it prepares to revoke Title 42, which allows Border Patrol to refuse illegal immigrant entry to the U.S. based on public health emergency … more specifically, Covid. It has been clear for some time that Biden and his border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, have no interest in decreasing illegal immigration, and the revocation of Title 42 will further exacerbate the current crisis. Real Clear Politics compiled an average score rating the president’s handling of border security and immigration at 34% approval while disapproval was 58%.

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that a staggering 55% of Hispanic voters disapprove Of Biden’s overall job performance. Only 26% approve. The Administration’s deliberate open border policy is broadly opposed, and only maintains the singular support of the radical left, who believe in no borders.

Finally, there has been a dangerous increase in violent crime during the last 18 months. Analogous to his groveling to the far left on immigration, Biden has been unwilling to take on the radical fringe with its anti-police, soft-on-crime narrative. While Biden has tepidly opposed the defund police effort, his administration’s lack of aggressive anti-crime policies has profoundly damaged his standing on this issue. The public has associated the president with the violent crime surge and the policies which have largely contributed to what is undeniably a wholesale national tragedy.

As a result of failings so many fronts, the polling for the incumbent party is dismal. Gallup recently reported that 80% of respondents reported they are concerned a “great” or “fair” amount over crime. Worry about crime in the U.S. is now at its highest level since 2016.

Democratic Party leaders appear oblivious to the public pulse on major issues. Hillary Clinton recently touted that Biden and his party have “good accomplishments to put on the board,” and simply need to do a better job stating the case. But exactly what issues is Clinton referring to? The American public is in a sour political mood and not satisfied with the “accomplishments” of team Biden. Decisions were made by the administration to serve the far-left agenda rather than the American mainstream, and the Democrats will likely pay a severe political price in November.


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