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The cost of island Beachfront vs. Bayfront

Guest Columnist

Living on Longboat Key is like living in Paradise. The question at hand is, which piece of Paradise do you want, Beachfront or Bayfront?

They both have their wonderful pros. It’s up to you to decide which lifestyle features are most important to you.

On the Beachfront you have Gold Coast views and sunsets.  Imagine setting on your balcony or deck with your favorite beverage watching the breathtaking sunsets.  Counting the seconds as the majestically burning orange ball of light disappears into the water, lighting up the sky as if the far edge of the gulf is on fire.  There is also the immediate access to the beach.  No matter if its sitting and listening to the waves, going for an athletic jog, taking a dip in the water, soaking up the sun, or enjoying a romantic handheld walk with your sweetie, it’s all there, literally at the tip of your toes.   

Maybe you are a people watcher and like to spend time relaxing and watching the people walking on the beach and swimming in the water?  You can do that from the comfort of your own home.

Bayfront homes have their advantage as well. If you are a boater then maybe a Bayfront lifestyle is your cup of tea?

Unlike the Beachfront, Bayfront homes often have boat and jet ski slips available in varying sizes, with and without lifts. Imagine boating over to one of your favorite restaurants for a delicious dinner.   

The Bayfront often has its own type of sunset. And although you may not see the sunset over the bay, at sundown, the Bayfront comes alive in its own spectacular way. The glow on the bay from the reflection of the sunset on the beach side has an indescribably euphoric feel to it.  For the early risers, there is nothing like a Bayfront sunrise to inspire your morning devotion. A Bayfront home also offers activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding.    

I live on the Bayfront, and love watching all of the wildlife in the water, in the mangroves, and in the air.  It is very common to see manatee, dolphins, and an occasional shark.  The other day we were getting ready to take our boat out.  Before we could lower our boatlift, we had to wait for the resting manatee that was under our boat decide to move along.  It is so magnificent seeing them up close. It’s an amazing feeling that never gets old.

No matter which piece of paradise you choose, you are still going to be on a wonderfully beautiful sub-tropical island where Peacocks roam free. What’s not to love?  No matter if you love fishing, golf, walking trails, swimming, pickleball, tennis, or one of the many, many other amenities that Island life offers, I think you will agree that you are truly living in Paradise.

Here are some comparisons of Beachfront and Bayfront for Longboat Key, Lido Key, and Anna Maria Island.

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