Manatee County blames algae for funky flavored LBK tap water


Manatee County officials are warning residents that their drinking water may smell or taste bad because of an algal bloom in the Lake Manatee Reservoir.

Manatee County blames algae bloom for funky flavored tap water
County officials conducted tests over the last several days that show high algae concentrations in Lake Manatee, which supplies about two-thirds of the county’s drinking water. The water is still safe to drink, county officials said.
Manatee County Government provides water to about 362,000 people, as well as providing wholesale water to Palmetto, Longboat Key and parts of Sarasota County. The county is using powdered-activated carbon to treat the water in Lake Manatee, but residents may still notice a slight earthy or musty taste in their drinking water. “We will continue monitoring and conducting treatment efforts until water quality returns to normal,” said Katie Gilmore, deputy director of the county’s utilities department. According to a news release, residents may also use a carbon filter to help get rid of the odd smell or taste.


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